World Time Watches

A world time watch displays or calculates the time in multiple time zones, usually 24, sometimes all 39 time zones.  They are useful for the frequent traveler and indispensable for the international business executive.

What is the best world time watch?

  • All the times, all the time

These watches show what time it is around the world all the time (without the wearer even needing to interact with the watch) — at a glance you know the time anywhere — their design enables them to display all time zones at the same time.

  • Interactive

These watches allow the user to derive the time in different time zones via some action taken by the user.

  • On coolest features: The Seiko Astron (MSRP JPY152,250 – 210,000 [US$1,900 - 2,600]; street price US$3,000 – 4,000+)
  • Affordable quartz options: the Seiko Premier (street price US$200 – 400) and the Timex Intelligent Quartz (MSRP $165 – 225; street price US$90 – 120)
  • Duel time or GMT Watches

A GMT watch displays two, or more, time zones.  The name derives from their original purpose of displaying the local time and GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).  Some of the above world time watches are also GMT watches, that is they have a separate hand to indicate the time in one other time zone.

  • Upscale
    • If your looking to for something considerably upscale: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Girard-Perregaux…

Orient World Time (MSRP US$715; street price US$400 – 500)

Orient models CFA05001B (aka FA05001B) and CFA05002B (aka FA05002B) are mechanical (automatic).



Older similar models include: CFA02002D, CEY04004B, CEY04001W, CFA02001B

Ball Worldtime Watches (street price US$2,100 – 3,100)

Ball’s worldtime models are the Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime, the Trainmaster Worldtime, and the Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph.

Like Hamilton, Ball Watch Company is a Swiss watch company with American origins. (In fact, Webb C. Ball was once the VP of Hamilton Watch Company.)

Engineer Master II Diver Worldtime

Trainmaster Worldtime

Ball Trainmaster Worldtime Chronograph

Blancier Worldtimer 1 (starts at US$13,000 – 14,000)

Like the Orient, the Blancier Worldtimer 1 displays the time around the world all the time — though in a very unique way.

They describe it well:

Worldtimers? There are many; almost every leading watch brand has one in its collection. In reality, these watches could only show the various time zones of the world in approximate terms. That is, until now: The master craftsmen of Lottermann & Söhne present the Blancier Worldtimer 1. The first world time watch that lives up to its name; designed by the craftsmen themselves, it is the world’s first and only mechanical timepiece that actually displays all time zones on Earth. A masterpiece from Mannheim.

Stuhrling’s Adventure Series (part of their Lifestyle Collection) (street price US$99 – 130)

Like the Orient, Ball, and Blancier — Stuhrling’s Time Traveler, World Traveler, and Traveler models show time zones across the world all the time.
The are extremely inexpensive, yet look great.

(Note that Stuhrling also makes mechanical watches — I have heard there are quality issues with those).






Seiko Astron (MSRP JPY152,250 – 210,000 [US$1,900 - 2,600]; street price US$3,000 – 4,000+)

The NEW Seiko Astron uses GPS satellites to identify its location anywhere in the world and sets the time accordingly, it can also display the time in any of the 39 time zones.  While it is quartz — its solar powered — so no batteries to replace!

High-intensity titanium models: SAST003, SAST005, SAST007, and the limited Edition SAST001
Stainless steel model: SAST009


Seiko Premier (street price US$200 – 400)

The Seiko Premier collection offers a fantastic set of world time models: SPL009P1, SPL010P1, and SPL011P1

Timex Intelligent Quartz (MSRP $165 – 225; street price US$90 – 120)

If you are looking for a world time watch that looks good, works great, and you do not want to worry about destroying it (It takes a licking and keeps on ticking), then the Timex Intelligent Quartz collection offers a number of good looking world time models at a very affordable price: T2N609, T2N610, T2N611, T2N613, T2N614, T2N942, T2N943, T2N945, T2N946


Hamilton (MSRP $1,345; street price US$900+)

The American Brand Since 1892

The Hamilton Khaki UTC is among the most ascetically pleasing world time watches; models H77525553, H77505433, and H77505535


Looking for more upscale time pieces?  Consider these Patek Philippe ($65,500 – $68,000) and Vacheron Constantin ($48,900) or these Patek Philippe ($39,000), Jaeger-LeCoultre ($9,650.00 – $10,400.00), and Girard-Perregaux ($12.200,00).

Patek Philippe's reference 5131 Girard-Perregaux WW.TC REF : 49805-11-650-BA6A


Authorized Dealers

Generally, when your looking to buy a new watch — you should buy from an authorized dealer, or at least a reputable seller who will be good for their warranty. is an authorized Orient dealer and an authorized Timex dealer for watches sold by (but not for watches sold on’s site by third parties), and they offer a solid warranty for brands that they are not the authorized dealer for.


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